Westfalen Gassen - Welding Gases Film

Verbazend Veelzijdig, Verassend Inzetbaar
A commercial styled film about the everyday usage of the welding gases produced by Westfalen Gassen.
  • Client
  • Westfalen Gassen
  • Industry
  • Industrial Gases
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  • Video Production
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  • https://www.westfalengassen.nl/
  • About Project
  • Buildings, bicycles, cars, tables, streetlights and excavators. On the face of it, it's a random collection of everyday things. But they all have one thing in common. They would not exist in the way they do now without welding, and thus not without the gases needed. Westfalen asked us to create a visually appealing short film about those welding gases they produce. Together we came up with the storyline and we started shaping the video around that idea.
Credits where credits due
  • DirectorChadim M'Bodji
  • ProducerThijs van Alen
  • ProducerGerianne Schiphorst-Oost
  • ProducerChristiaan Eichelsheim
  • Director of PhotographyWibo Kuipers
  • Voice-OverSander Guis